First Arena Brawl: Packed House

How do you make Arena more intense? Pack the House!

Ever since its launch back in Burning Crusade, Arena has long been a staple of the World of Warcraft PvP experience. Love it or hate it, Arena has been the site of some of the most intense, fast paced, and hair pulling combat between players that the game has to offer. It has changed little over the years, and there have always been some rules; namely, the size of the teams that can participate. From the buddy system sized 2v2 up to the now gone 5v5, the tight limit on players and tiny map sizes put extra emphasis on small group tactics. But what would happen if you up that number of players to something higher; say, 15 people per side? Those wanting to find out need only join this week’s Brawl!

Packed House is the first Arena Brawl, and it lives up to its name. Jamming two Battleground sized teams into an arena map makes for a very chaotic fight indeed. Despite the larger teams, expect the matches to end quicker, and for most conventional Arena tactics to go right out the window. There’s just too much going on to run CC trains or pull DPS away from their healers (although line of sight still plays a big part, perhaps even bigger than in regular Arena).

Black Rook Rumble

That said, there’s not a whole lot to be said for this Brawl due to its simplicity. It’s a straight slugfest, but there are some tricks even for this that can help you to be victorious.

  • Just like with every Brawl, entering this one will immediately start the quest to win the match. The rewards are the standard huge chunk of AP, a piece of Gladiator level gear, and Marks of Honor. Considering these matches usually last less than 4 minutes (including prep time), this is a great reward for the time invested.
  • Unlike the previous Brawls, the standard reward for winning is the same as what you’d get for winning a Skirmish Arena match, instead of a Battleground-level AP token.
  • Despite being an Arena, this Brawl uses Battleground rules, including the scoreboard and Horde vs. Alliance teaming. You won’t be fighting your own faction here.
    • It also uses the same matchmaking algorithms, meaning the teams can potentially be very lopsided.
  • If either team has any tank specced players (and there’s bound to be a couple), they will more than likely charge directly into the fray, relying on their defenses and healers to keep them alive. They probably won’t kill anyone on their own, but they’re dangerous as distractions.
    • The worst thing you can do, and I mean the absolute worst, is allow yourself to fall for their ploy. The time it takes to kill them (if you even can) is far better spent taking out the real damage of the enemy team or their healers. You can come back to kill the tanks once their support is gone.
    • On the flip side, if you are a tank yourself, charge right into the mass of enemy players right out the gate and do everything you can to be annoying. The more people that are attacking you, the less that are going after your squishy teammates.
  • As with normal Arena, do everything you can to finish off enemy players. There is no respawning, so taking them out is getting rid of them for good. The team that starts losing players first is usually the team that loses.
  • Teams tend to cluster up near pillars, just like they would in a regular arena match. You can use these to retreat to temporary safety, and hopefully your team will respond quickly enough to save you.
  • Don’t expect this to come down to the wire very often like some of the other Brawls. Once a team starts losing people, it generally gets overwhelmed pretty quickly. Fight with everything you got and do your best to stay alive; being dead only helps the other team.
  • Treat this place as you would any large battle. That is, protect your ranged, don’t single yourself out, and retreat quickly if you become a target!

Got some good tactics for surviving this all out Brawl? Let us know in the comments section!

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