Temple of Hotmogu Brawl: Speed Kills

Temple of Hotmogu ratchets up the pace with a dose of speed.

Temple of Kotmogu is unique among the Battlegrounds. Not only is it the smallest and most cramped of them all, it’s also the only one that directly rewards teams for killing each other. Collecting and holding the Orbs of Power is a surefire way to win, but it’s pretty unlikely the other team will just sit back and watch you parade them around the center square, so you might as well augment your score a bit by taking out anybody that tries to stop you. This has led to Temple being the quickest and most combat heavy Battleground of them all.

So naturally, the only way to make this place even more intense is to crank up the speed. Temple of Hotmogu is the exact same in terms of objectives and scoring, but envision a permanent time warp on all players within and you have something pretty close to this Brawl. In addition to this, the graveyard respawn timer is drastically shortened, and players gain the ability to throw Orbs of Power to other team members. Don’t expect a chance to catch your breath on this one!

However, despite the changes, Temple can be played with more or less the same tactics as the normal map.  It might be faster, but it’s still our favorite Murderball map. Now it’s just Murderball 2.0!

Temple of Hotmogu

We’ve created a list of tactics that will help you to conquer this hyper-speed Brawl.

  • As with all Brawls, entering Temple of Hotmogu will automatically start the quest to win one Brawl match. Completing it will award a huge chunk of Artifact Power, Marks of Honor, and a piece of Gladiator level gear.
  • As mentioned above, Temple is still Temple, and any tricks you’ve picked up on the normal map will work here as well.
  • All players have a permanent +30% Move Speed, +30% Mounted Speed, and +15% Haste at all times. This accelerated pace is more of a benefit to some than to others. Classes with a lot of inherent mobility will dance circles around others, while less mobile classes will be given some parity.
    • Slows and snares become even more important to keep others under control.
    • Melee classes can take great advantage of this buff, as they can close the distances more quickly.
    • Any class that has to stand still to attack (i.e. casters) are put at a disadvantage here. Even with the Haste buff, enemies are far more likely to swarm you before you can do significant damage. Use the speed to pick a more advantageous location before opening fire.
    • The extra run speed is also very useful for retreating, if need be. Don’t hesitate to run out of range or out of line of sight; the enemy still gets 10 points if they succeed in killing you!
    • The extra mount speed is mostly useful when running from the graveyard back to the main fight, but it’s also great if the other team is stashing Orbs outside of the middle and you need to get to them quickly.
  • The respawn timers are set at a blazing 5 seconds. It will take you longer to run back to the fight than it will to resurrect.
    • This encourages a far more aggressive playstyle, and allows more reckless behavior. It’s always better not to die in the first place, but it won’t set you back nearly as much if you do.
    • Even with the fast respawn, try to get back to your team as quickly as you can. Running into the entire enemy team by yourself is just going to get you sent back to the graveyard.
  • The ability to throw the Orbs is not as big a deal as one might initially think. This is because by the time you would benefit from throwing the Orb, your damage stacks will have gotten so high that you’ll either die instantly from one bursting class, or you’ll be so weak by the time you throw it that you’ll be finished off anyway. However, throwing it does ensure that your team keeps control of that Orb for at least a few more seconds.
    • You must manually target another player before throwing the Orb. It does not auto-detect, and you cannot throw the Orb to the ground.
    • Additionally, there is a cooldown when you first receive the Orb, meaning you can’t hot potato it right away.
    • If you die while holding an Orb, it resets to its podium as normal.
    • Your damage stacks do not reset when you throw the Orb to another player. That is, you are cleared of the Orb effects, but if you had over 400% extra damage when you threw it, the recipient of the Orb will start at 400% immediately and keep growing from there.
    • Throwing Orbs is a much bigger deal for coordinated teams, ideally one that can talk to each other through some kind of voice chat.
    • Try to throw the Orbs to people that aren’t in the middle of a fight, as the extra damage will make them die very quickly. The better choice is to throw it to people either outside the center square (and out of reach of enemy melee), or somewhere far enough away that they can’t turn around and dice the new carrier instantly.
  • Temple is naturally about a lot of slaying, but the increased speed alongside the reduced graveyard times mean you’ll be doing a whole lot more of it. That said, mind yourself when you get set to charge back in to the fight; if your team isn’t with you, you’re just going to feed the enemy team another 10 points. Don’t fall into this cycle—it’s worth an extra second to regroup with your team and make a stronger attempt.
  • As with normal Temple, your first target should be the enemy Orb carriers, following shortly by their healers. If tanks (or any other hard targets) hold the Orbs, go directly for the healers and use cleave damage to weaken the carriers. If neither of these options is possible, retreat and stop the people attacking your own Orb carriers.

Have some tactics of your own to dominate this Brawl of speed kills? Let us know in the comments section!

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