The Deaths of Chromie – A Guide

Eight cases of déjà vu.

Chromie is going to die. Oh sure, we all are going to die at some point, and that will just be our time. But to a Bronze Dragon, death works a little differently. They can see exactly when they will die and how it happens. Obviously, this makes blindsiding one of them a little difficult, but this is exactly what has happened to our favorite gnome dragon, Chromie.

Not being one to take it lying down, Chromie enlists our help to prevent her untimely death. As it turns out, death is approaching her not only from multiple directions, but multiple timelines! And to make things even more harried, whatever seeks to destroy her has also messed with her ability to manipulate time. The best she can muster is fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes to stop a grand total of eight different threats in a wide variety of different situations.

Now don’t get me wrong, most of my encounters with gnomes end with them sailing over the horizon with a hoof print on their backside, but I like Chromie. She’s been in the game since the earliest days (heck, she even helped me get one of my first ever epics), and she’s been around to help us at critical moments. You get the feeling that this dragon actually wants to help instead of just sitting back and letting things happen. So if Chromie wants our help with something, that’s jake with me.

And the fact that you can attempt to save her life as many times as you want also helps a bit. Her scenario is tricky, and is roughly similar to the Mage Tower Challenges (though nowhere near as difficult as those). Of course, saving her is quite a bit more involved than your standard scenario, and this mini-event has all the markings of a old world Raid, with reputations, unique loot, multiple bosses, and strategies required for each.

But enough about what it is, let’s talk about how to beat it! The strategies I’ve collected are listed below.

  • Emerald Shrine – Kill the local wildlife (plants and birds) to get the items you need. Once you have enough, create the Nightmare Catheter and use it. Once in the Emerald Nightmare, seek out and destroy the enemies holding down the Ancients. Each Catheter is only good for freeing one Ancient, so you will need three of them. Each Ancient will give you a clue, and will eventually lead you to the hand of the big skeleton dragon, near the center of the shrine.
    • Emerald Shrine Boss (Satyr) – Interrupt his sleep spell and dodge his AoE, and he’ll tip like a cow. Just be wary of the poison DoT he puts on you, and cleanse it if you can.
  • Azure Shrine – Collect 50 pages from the enemies wandering around the shrine and create the book. Once finished, fly up to the northeastern-most platform (the one closest to Wyrmrest) and Chromie will make a Void Lord spawn, which must be destroyed to end the threat to her.
    • Azure Shrine Boss (Void Lord) – He casts rapid fire but interruptable shadow bolts, but also an AoE dead zone called Loose Shadows, which will silence and pacify anything standing in it. Usual tactics for this type of spell apply, but the platform isn’t all that big, so it is recommended to kill him before he fills all the available space.
  • Ruby Shrine – 3 Undead lieutenants are found around the perimeter of the shrine. Kill all three and collect the crystal shards they drop. With all three, take Chromie to the cave under the tree and she will summon the boss.
    • Ruby Shrine Boss (Lich) – Casts frost bolts repeatedly, but will cast Deep Freeze on Chromie and icing her over. She will take considerable damage while frozen, and will remain inside until you break her out or the boss dies. Overall very easy to deal with.
  • Obsidian Shrine – There’s nothing subtle about this one, but it is the toughest of the four shrines. Enter the cave and fight your way to the back (use the left hand path when you come to the fork), and find the guy that looks like a molten clone of Lord Marrowgar. Dodge his fire attacks and take him out for the item you need. Leave the cave and Chromie will spawn the boss.
    • Obsidian Shrine Boss (Dread Lord) – Straightforward fight. Calls down a high damage infernal that stuns, but otherwise he is no more difficult than the other bosses.

Important: Completing any of the ‘puzzle’ parts of the shrines allows you to skip directly to the boss phase on subsequent visits. Approach where each boss spawns, and Chromie will bring them out without any additional requirements.


However, saving Chromie from the shrine attacks isn’t enough, as she is under attack at all points of her in-game existence. You must complete 4 Scenario Events as well. The first time you defeat a boss at any shrine, they will drop an item and Chromie will request to return to Wrymrest Temple. Doing so and turning in the quest will open up a portal, until all 4 are available. As arranged from left to right in the Temple, they are:

  • Andorhal – Brings you to Andorhal a couple months after the Cataclysm, where the Horde and Alliance are fighting over the ruined city. Chromie needs a cannon disabled so she can fly away. The cannon will always belong to the faction opposite of yours, and is so big that you can’t miss it.
    • However, going after the cannon directly is a waste of time, as it is protected by two powerful buffs and a massive amount of health.
    • Three items exist to help you, but they are held by the named elites scattered on the enemy side of the battlefield.
      • For Horde players, your targets are the Potionmaster and the Engineer. Look for their stars on the map and hunt them down. Each will drop one item that will remove one of the buffs on the cannon.
      • War Masters (the guys on horses) drop War Explosives. Each one takes 15% off of the cannon’s health, meaning you will need 7 total for a total kill, but 5 is enough to knock the edge off the cannon. Very important: Do not use the explosives on the cannon until both buffs have been removed from it, or the explosives will be ineffective and you’ll waste them.
    • Andorhal Shortcut (Cenarion Circle Papers) – Turn this item in to the Tauren in the building you spawn in. This causes a cease fire and allows Chromie to fly away, completely bypassing this event.
  • Hyjal – Brings you to Setheria’s Roost in Mount Hyjal, post-Cataclysm. Past Chromie is injured, and you and Present Chromie must defend her until she recovers. She will recover after five waves of fire enemies are defeated and the event will be complete.
    • Chromie will stun the non-boss level enemies, rendering them helpless until you attack them. Use this to your advantage to prevent being overwhelmed.
      • The first, second, and fourth waves consist of a group of enemies. Use AoE to knock them down quickly.
      • The third and fifth waves are boss waves. They have a few different attacks, but if you’ve made it this far, it isn’t anything you can’t handle and there’s nothing noteworthy among them. Killing the Behemoth finishes the event.
    • Hyjal Shortcut (Fiery Brimstone) – Skips directly to the fifth wave by spawning the Behemoth.
  • Well of Eternity – Goes back 10,000 years to the Well of Eternity just before it exploded. Once again, Past Chromie is injured, but this time you must escort her present self to the portal back to Wyrmrest. This portal is at the end of a nasty gauntlet of demons.
    • For those familiar with the Cataclysm Dungeon that takes place here, you must essentially run the place in reverse, starting at the well and ending at the original Dungeon entrance. Get Chromie to that entrance, and the event is done.
      • Don’t try to run past the enemies in the first area; they are specially designed to slow you down and/or dismount you (and probably annoy the hell out of you at the same time). Even if you manage to mount all the way to the end, you can’t use the teleporter while in combat. Cut a path through the demons but try not to spend too much time getting bogged down in them.
      • Sticking to the right (near the well) has fewer demons, but you still need to move quickly to avoid attracting the Abyssals.
      • The last boss here is more icing on the cake than an actual threat. If you’ve made it this far, chances are you have what it takes to beat him.
    • Well of Eternity Shortcut (Tyrande’s Moonstone) – Flies you directly to the portal, skipping the rough path.
  • Stratholme – Puts you inside Arthas’ fateful decision to set Stratholme on fire. But unlike the Dungeon where you help him, this time you must race ahead of his purge to get to Chromie, who is imprisoned by a Crypt Lord.
    • This event is the exact opposite of Well of Eternity. The first segment requires no combat; instead, you must convince the tavern keeper to fork over the key to the town hall. To do this, you must run around the city collecting items for a girl he likes (no, I’m not kidding). And yes, you must buy these items.
      • The trick here is to buy everything you need before you’re actually sent to get it. Once you know where each shop is, go and grab each item (two of the jerky) in one run. This will save you a LOT of time.
    • After you get the town hall door open, the event is pretty straightforward. Navigate to the end of the dungeon (again, those familiar with the layout will have an advantage here), and find the big Crypt Lord boss. Take it down, and don’t miss Chromie, who is wrapped up in spider webs at the foot of the stairs. She’s real easy to miss if the boss dies on top of her.
    • Stratholme Shortcut (Stratholme Gate Key) – Allows you to open the back gate, skipping all the quests and letting you head directly to the last boss.


That pretty much summarizes the specific events you need to complete, but there are some other things to keep in mind to ensure not only Chromie’s survival, but your own as well.

  • For the first time in possibly ever, Blizzard has given us an AI partner that doesn’t make us do all the work. Chromie is exceptionally powerful, and her assistance is invaluable during this challenge. While not as powerful as her Heroes of the Storm incarnation, her sand blasts hit enemies for roughly half a million per shot, and she will cast a version of Time Warp on you that incurs no “Sated” penalty.
    • Despite not being a damsel in distress, it is entirely possible for Chromie to sustain fatal damage and die. If she perishes, it is the same effect as running out of time, ending the scenario. She’s powerful, but keep an eye on her that she doesn’t get mobbed.
  • Because this takes you into the future, your level and gear are amplified to reflect your increased experience. You are buffed to level 112, and all of your gear scales to item level 1000. This will roughly double your stats and increase your damage by a significant margin.
    • Thus, if you see enemies with higher than average health, don’t panic; you are much stronger as well.
  • The more you travel with Chromie (i.e. the more you do this scenario), you will gain reputation specific to her. Reputation unlocks new talents for her, which you select at the very beginning of each scenario attempt.
    • The first two abilities are instantly usable when they become available (and can be switched instantly as well), but starting from the third onward, it takes time to research them in a manner similar to your Order Hall Upgrades. Thus, speed farming her reputation isn’t all that productive.
  • The only non-quest items to drop from enemies, the Sands of Time vials, follow the same strategy as reputation; they either help you to complete the run, or they give you loot.
    • The most precious items are the Lost Keepsake Boxes and the Bronze Drakes. These items (or the items contained within) allow you to shortcut or completely bypass the events. If you want to beat the scenario, you will need these.
    • No, they don’t turn everybody into sand monsters when you break them open.
  • Chromie needs to survive the events of this scenario, but that essential status surprisingly does not include the player. If you die during any of these events, you are ported back to Wyrmrest Temple, resurrected. You still take durability damage from the death, however, and the time you will lose running back can be considerable. So…try not to die!
    • However, if you are really far away from Wyrmrest (such as at the Obsidian Shrine), you can fly up and fall to your death. It’s faster than flying back.
  • There are various different upgrades available, but really, all of them fall into one of two categories: Either they contribute to your chances of completing the scenario within the time limit, or they let you gain more rewards (reputation, gold, etc.) from what you do inside.
    • Early on, I recommend going for the more tangible rewards, like gold and reputation. Until you learn all of the little things about this challenge, you won’t be getting through all of it, so you might as well get the most that you can for the time you do invest.
  • Finally, if things just seem a little too tough, don’t worry! Stay up with the research and keep at it. Each upgrade will make things a little easier, and eventually, you’ll get the combination of items/upgrades you need in order to be victorious!
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