Trial of Style: Fashionable Micro-Holiday with a Twist

Show off your fashion sense in the Trial of Style!

One of the more long-running things to do in World of Warcraft is transmog. That is, making your equipment look like something else; perhaps something more visually appealing, more revealing, more classically inspired, or maybe just something more different than everyone else. Transmogging helps relieve the curse of mismatched gear (in a third person game, you have to be able to stand looking at yourself!), but also presents an interesting pastime for collectors. With the changes to transmog since Legion arrived, we’ve seen and built a whole lot of interesting outfits, and finally Blizzard has seen fit to give us a way to show them off, competition style!

How it works

For August 18th – 21st, visit any Transmog vendor (the ethereals; a.k.a the ghost mummies) to sign up for the Trial of Style. The Trial follows the scenario format introduced in Mists of Pandaria, but is unique in that it accommodates six players instead of the traditional three. When the queue pops, you will be transported all the way (and back in time!) to Magister’s Terrace, the last dungeon released in Burning Crusade. More specifically, you will be in the room in which you fight the first boss. But the only boss here is a fiercely demanding sense of style, as well as your fellow contestants.

Within this room are two transmog ethereals for your armor, and six barber chairs (three on each side; more than enough so nobody can be locked out of them) to alter your character’s appearance. Your access is limited to the ground floor; the door behind you is locked, and trying to move up the stairs will fling you back into the main area. The raised area serves as the catwalk.

Immediately upon entering the scenario, a three minute timer begins (okay, 2 minutes and fifty seconds, but who’s counting?) in which you are given free access to the above services (ALL transmog and barber services appear to be free of charge for the duration of this micro-holiday, including those outside the scenario). You appear in a brown robe and hood no matter what you wear prior to entering, as this allows your outfit to come as a surprise. After some introductions, the two NPC hosts on stage will announce a random theme of the contest, which can vary from topics such as “Freestyle” to “Ready for Battle” or even “Make me Laugh.” These categories set the tone, but players are free to wear whatever they wish.

When the timer expires, you lose access to appearance altering options and the contest begins. Two players are randomly selected and teleported on stage, while the other four get an interface to vote on which outfit or player they prefer. This is entirely based on the opinion of the player, meaning they can follow the tone and go with whichever outfit best fits the listed theme, or go radically against it (or not vote at all). Over the course of ten rounds, each and every player will face off against each other.

Trial of Style


The Rewards

At the end, the votes are tallied up and the hosts will announce first, second, and third place winners, concluding the Trial of Style. All players receive Trial of Style Tokens (the winners will receive more of them, up to 50 for first place) that can be redeemed at a Transmog ethereal out in the world. The tokens go towards one of four suits of mog armor (one for each of the four armor types), with each one costing 60 tickets. The player who earns first place also gets a vanity buff for the rest of the event, and earns the ability to purchase a unique shirt.

Sadly, these tokens are soulbound, and you can only guy the armor your class primarily wears, so you can’t fill out your alts without entering the Trial on a few other characters.

Admittedly, the Transmog suits are kind of lame, not to mention they are not new to the game (in fact, thorough collectors may already have some or all of the pieces). It does save a trip if you still need any of it, but I’m going to go on record here and say that not many people will likely be using these sets as an actual appearance for their characters.

Trial of Style


Ways to Prepare

None, really. You don’t need a really wide assortment of appearances to compete, so long as you can make a sweet looking outfit (or a ridiculous one, per the theme). Of course, just because you don’t need it doesn’t mean it won’t help; some of the most awesome looking outfits take some doing, and the more you’ve checked off on your appearance list, the more options you will have when cobbling together a wardrobe.

Since the Trial of Style is based on player opinion, try not to use sets that are more commonly seen out in the world. They look awesome, and that’s exactly the reason you see them more often. Put together some of the more rare sets—or go off the rails and make a custom suit—and you’ll get more attention.

Creating a perfect outfit takes time, usually more than the three minutes you have when you enter. If you already have a list of pre-set outfits, you can build off of those. If not, it’s time to make some!

Cheesing it

Of course, if you don’t want to go through the effort of making outfits up for a silly little micro-holiday but still want the rewards, then there is a way to cheese it.

As with a lot of scenarios, you can queue up as a group, and the Trial of Style is no exception. Having a bunch of your friends with you more or less allows you to decide the outcome (or maybe not, depending on your choice of friends!). If you don’t have enough friends, you can always borrow a shady page from the real world and buy a few temporary ones. With a judicious use of bribery…er, accommodations, you can set up a group that will vote for you (and if anybody asks, I never said that).


Another thing to note is that your character customization is not limited to just armor and looks (though this is the main focus). You have access to everything else your character can do, including toys and spells. Additionally, while on stage you also have access to all emotes, not just the ones presented to you; you just have to type them in manually. What effect these extras have and to what degree, that’s up to you.

Trial of Style

Overall I would rate this as one of the more entertaining micro-holidays, especially with a full group of friends. Just be careful; the fashion business is one of the most brutal out there, and while you might find yourself at the front of the stage at the end, it’s just as likely that you’ll be nursing a big old bruise, right there on your ego.

Got some juicy behind-the-model stories to share from WoW’s fashion walk? Let us know in the comments section!

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