This Week on the Broken Shore: Intolerable Infestation

Head back to the Broken Isles for a little demon hunting.

Another Tuesday, another new Broken Shores storyline quest! As has been the tradition since Warlords of Draenor, every weekly reset advances the current tier story with a new quest. Blizzard has generally molded each new quest to be a follow-up on the last, creating continuity that keeps flowing until the crescendo occurs (usually the next raid tier opens). In this way, it allows even an MMO like World of Warcraft to have an ongoing story and shaping the game to stay with current events.

This week adds a new chapter to the Broken Shores storyline. So far, the story has progressed from securing a foothold on the Burning Legion’s doorstep, to bolstering your roster of champions, to rebuilding your stuff from the annoyingly persistent demon attacks. This week sees us moving beyond the Broken Shores to strike where the Legion has set up elsewhere on the Broken Isles, and tasks us with hunting down a whole lot of demons. The magic number is 100, and the reward for this deed is 2,000 Nethershards. It’s an easy, relaxing quest (by WoW standards) that probably won’t take you much more than 30 minutes to an hour to complete. For a quest that is theoretically supposed to take all week, it’s surprisingly lightweight.

In fact, it almost feels thin. While I’m not criticizing where this story is going (I mean, we already know it ends with the opening of the next raid content), this quest—and the previous 3 weeks’ quests—seem pretty mundane by comparison. The Suramar line to open the Nighthold had quite a few different twists to keep it going, from building up your army to assaulting Suramar City itself, and finally tying into the Nighthold by stopping Gul’dan and freeing the city. After so much buildup, it was a nice ending to that story arc. But these recent Broken Shores quests…they feel less like heroic underdog quests and more like a supervisor giving you something to keep you out of his hair.

Don’t get me wrong; I’ll happily take out a stinkhaul of demons, quest or no. And on that note, this quest (Intolerable Infestation) does require you to take them out in either Felsoul Hold (Suramar) or Faronaar (Aszuna). There are plenty of demons still in these areas, but they tend not to be clustered up quite as much as on the Broken Shore. Grouping up is, of course, the fastest way to complete the kills, but in the absence of others, you can rack up progress quickly by going after the weaker demons like packs of imps or summoners. Additionally, Aszuna tends to be a better choice than Suramar for kills. The demons are a little more spaced out, but it’s farther away than Suramar and thus will have fewer people grinding.

But that’s for crash and burn players. Is there an even easier way to rocket down this quest in record time? There sure is, although I certainly believe it was not intended! In Suramar’s Felsoul Hold, anti-air cannons exist to take out the flying demon bats for a regular World Quest. Killing any of the little attendant demons will give you ammunition for these cannons, and they are not locked to the previously mentioned World Quest. Shooting down the bats also count for this quest, and as one load of ammunition lasts infinitely until you exit the cannon, you can very quickly rack up the kills needed.

Upon return, you may be expecting a follow-up quest. There isn’t one until next week, but this was one is a very easy filler quest with an above average reward. Here’s hoping things start ramping up again the closer we get to the Tomb’s opening!


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